About Us

Mel Bell-Grey

Creator, Writer, Director, Producer, Editor

Mel Bell-Grey is a master of the arts. With hard work, passion and creativity, he has excelled in music, dance, theatre and film. With his knowledge and experience, he works to teach others the potential within practicing the arts.

Bell-Grey began his career in England training as a dancer, musician and model. As a dancer and musician he toured Europe. In addition to touring with a successful band, Bell-Grey had a solo career as a singer/songwriter, writing, recording and producing numerous albums and music videos.

He has also composed and scored sound tracks for theatre productions, movies and commercials and produced plays and short films.

In 1998, Bell-Grey co-founded and became co-director of Kauai Dance Center (www.kauaidancecenter.com). Since then, Mel Bell-Grey has only enhanced the quality of his creative endeavors. He is extensively involved in every aspect of creating and developing artistic products including photography, graphic design, web design, image consulting, and project marketing coordinating.

In 2009, he graduated from San Francisco School of Digital Film and established Eyes Wide Open Productions. His vision for the future is that multimedia art may be used as a window, to show people all around the world the magic that is experienced in music, dance, performing, etc. As a director, videographer, composer, screenwriter, multimedia artist, Bell-Grey is always pursuing new innovative ways to harness today’s diverse communications environment to the fullest.